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Minibus Hire Hove

Hove is a leafy town with some beautiful gardens and parks. Hove Park is one of the finest. Many paved walkways criss-cross the park making it popular with joggers and people walking dogs. This place of tranquility hosts some sporting facilities like football pitches, tennis courts, basketball court, a bowling green and a natural climbing wall. Throughout the summer month, the charming ride-on miniature railway is a huge attraction in the park, especially for children. Hove offers a rare tranquil retail experience for shoppers.

Over the years, minibus hire Brighton has been providing unmatched private transport solutions to all visitors of Hove. Given our experience, we always meet our clients at their point of need. Families and small groups traveling to Hove find our 8-10 seater minibus ideal and affordable. In our interactions and business engagements, we have established a great working relationship with many important brands in hospitality. Apart from transport solutions, we will advise you, and if need be, hook you up with the best service providers in other areas like accommodation.

Minibus hire Hove has the best rates in the region. You can take some time and check what the other companies offer. Our packages remain exceptional. Whether you settle for the smallest package, 8-10 seat minibus or the largest 16-18 seat minibus, we have the best deals. If you need a bigger unit than the 16-18 seater minibus, we have the coach hire. It is the largest provision for large groups.

Depending on your needs or reason for travel, you may prefer as much privacy as possible. Are you on an official trip and are in the company of business partners hence wish to have no strangers near you? Others would just like to have fun and prefer the freedom that comes with random schedules and taking a break from a super organized and planned life, consider our self-drive package. We will provide you with the car of your choice then you get someone amongst you to drive. All we will need is proof that the assigned driver is competent to ensure you and other road users are safe.

We are known for clean, high quality and well-maintained vehicles. Our in-house maintenance team is made up of experienced car experts. The technicians and engineers in charge with the day to day maintenance are skilled and fully accredited individuals who have proven track records of success. None of our vehicles has ever broken down during a trip. All our vehicles undergo a thorough inspection before it is made available for hire and after every assignment. The vehicles have to pass our quality control standards before it is posted as available for hire again.

Many people wish to engage the services of our drivers as they relax and enjoy the ride, we have the best team of personnel. Once you book our services and specify your needs on our booking form, we will be there for you. Ensure you enter details of your car preference. Get the capacity correct, since when you ask for a 12-14 seater minibus, you will get a 12-14 seat minibus waiting as agreed.

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