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Minibus Hire Roundhill

Roundhill is known as a ski area. It was started in 1960 as a club ski area by local farmers. Karl and Audrey Burtscher, took it over in 1974 and operated it as a commercial ski field but closed in 1990. A trio made up of Christian Burtscher, Karoline and Oscar Rieder in 2000 reopened the place. They did significant changes and even introduced a comprehensive snowmaking system and installed 1.4km T-Bar surface lift. Today, it is one of the most popular ski fields for Kiwi families.

When you opt for minibus hire services as opposed to public transport, then convenience is not negotiable. At minibus hire Roundhill, we offer extremely convenient services. You can decide to get a car and self-drive if it will work best to accommodate your program and budget. Since we care and campaign for safety on the roads, we will need proof that the appointed driver is competent. Once we are convinced, you will have a car delivered at your most convenient place. Depending on the number of people. We have 8-10 seat minibus, 12-14 seat minibus, 16-18 seat minibus hire and coach hire that you can choose.

Whichever package you choose, the units are all very well maintained. Minibus hire Roundhill has an internal and dedicated maintenance team. For the 15 years in service, we have never experienced any of our vehicles break down while on duty. Our team of car experts employs measures to ensure the cars are always in the best possible condition. We service the cars as soon as they hit the mileage required as per the manufacturers' requirement. Once a car comes back from any trip, we do a rigorous inspection before it is made available for the next client. We source our cars from top car dealers. The cars come with extras like entertainment units, recliner seats, cooler boxes, among others.

We offer quality to all our clients, regardless of your budget. Our services are consistent across the board. Once we recruit new members on board, they undergo a thorough customer service training to bring them at par with the rest, regardless of the department. As as a result, we have a professional team that dedicates its services to make the clients have a customer experience they will forever cherish. All our team members are qualified professionals in their respective fields. We invest in the best individuals professionally, morally, personality and all other aspects. As a result, our clients are happy with our services.

We are the best yet the cheapest minibus hire company in town. When you engage us, you pay the least regardless of the units. The 8-10 seater minibus, 12-14 seater minibus, 16-18 seater minibus all come in various colors, makes and style. Let us know your preference, whether you want a luxurious or a budget car. We encourage bookings at least a day or two before the trip. However, we also attend to quick orders and deliver quality.

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