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We have served in the industry of carriage for the past 15 years. As a result, we have build a solid presence through unmatched services. Our services stand out from the rest as our fleet is clean and well maintained. Minibus hire has an internal technical team comprising of skilled engineers and car experts. All the units undergo thorough inspection on a regular basis, and particularly after a trip. Any mechanical concern detected is corrected immediately.

Minibus hire has professional personnel on board. Our team will guide you on the various packages we have. Depending on the number of people, we have different capacity minibusses. The smallest unit is 8-10 seater minibus followed by 12-14 seater minibus. These are commonly used by small groups of individuals or family units. The 16-18 seater minibus is the largest provision of the minibusses. If you are looking for a bigger bus than the 16-18 seat minibus, consider coach hire. With the broad variety that we have, you will always get you want. Many clients have complimented us for exemplary customer service.

Our drivers are skilled and competent with many years experience driving different cars. They are trained in defensive driving and equipped with necessary life skills. All our staff members are trained in customer service regardless of their profession. We endeavor to give consistent service to all our clients irrespective of their purchasing power. We believe that customer is king and therefore all our services are designed to meet our clients' needs. Since the drivers are all locals, they use the most convenient and shortest routes to get to your destination. You do not need a tour guide as our drivers will offer you all the necessary guidance.

If all you want is a car, then we have the self-drive option. We will provide you with a vehicle in perfect condition, and you can get a driver amongst you. You will, however, need to proof that the suggested driver is qualified and has all the relevant requirements to drive in this particular area. Our cars come with a GPS security system. If you get lost, or the car develops any other kind of problem, we will get you as we have a team that monitors the vehicle movements.

All the vehicles have extras to make your journey as comfortable as possible. We have cooler boxes on board for those who love their drinks chilled. The seats are cozy and recline to the position you feel most comfortable. Entertainment units will keep you entertained. The cars are fitted with air conditioners to enable all on board enjoy their preferred temperature despite the outside weather. We offer quality service and yet have maintained very affordable rates in all the packages.

Our booking method is easy and online payment methods very secure. When you ready to engage us, just log on to our website.

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